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29 Sep

Gibraltar is still on the ‘safe’ list

The Telegraph has recently reported that Britons are left with just 8 restriction-free travel destinations:

“Of the UK’s green-listed countries, only Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, mainland Greece, Gibraltar and San Marino are welcoming British people without the need to take a Covid-19 test or go into quarantine on arrival.”

Gibraltar has always been on the safe list, helped by recommended restrictions and an early lockdown, local measures (masks to be worn in shops and venues, social distancing) and no doubt the warm weather.

On our yacht, we undergo a deep clean before each new arrival, and as the yacht is not shared between guests, there is no chance of contamination (eg bannister rails, elevator buttons, door handles etc which you’ll find in large hotels catering for guests from many different ‘bubbles’).

We do appreciate it is a worrying time for all, but we’re happy to help answer any questions you may have before booking with us.

Jordan & Valeria