Luxury Yacht Hotel, Lady Anita, Pier 3, Marina Bay, Gibraltar GX11 1AA.

Luxury Yacht

Luxury Yacht Hotel Article
19 Jan

Continental Breakfast

For all our guests we supply a stocked galley (the yacht’s kitchen area) and fridge full of a selection of food for your guests to enjoy during your stay.

Lady Anita selection of wine and fruit on arrival

On arrival you will typically be presented with fine wine on ice; a stocked fruit bowl; a fridge full of wine, fizzy drinks, beer, water, milk, sandwich spreads and cheese; snacks (crisps, chocolate); fresh juice and more!

For breakfast we supply Fresh Juice, local bread, Dolce Gusto Coffee (and regular coffee!), tea, a choice of cereals, sliced meat (eg ham), yoghurts, croissants, pastries and spreads.

With a toaster, kettle, coffee machine and even a blender on board, you are free to wake up when you want and enjoy a breakfast in peace in your own time in the beautiful surroundings of The Rock of Gibraltar.